Meditation Classes and Centers in Los Angeles

I hope to develop here a growing resource of meditation centers in Los Angeles. I’m not necessarily personally endorsing any of them (except in cases where I actually do 🙂 ). If you know of one you think should be added to the list, drop me a line:

Insight Center

I do attend quite regularly their open meditation group, currently on Wednesday evenings. The style is mindfulness meditation accompanied by an insightful and humorous talk by Michael Shiffman. I enjoy attending and find it a useful anchor to my regular practice.

The Shambhala Meditation Center of Los Angeles

This was one of the first meditation places I attended in Los Angeles and find it very enjoyable. The atmosphere is very welcoming and the people are warm.

Against The Stream

I haven’t attended as frequently as I would like to, but they have a lot of interesting programs including a great series of Sunday talks by a variety of teachers. I attended a talk by Kevin Bortolin and found it very insightful and helpful.

Mahasukha Center / ACI

They have a variety of programs here including Buddhist talks, Yoga classes and more.

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