The Meaning of Work, Life and God

Pretty ambitious title huh? And the answer I have is perhaps anti-climactic: the meaning is whatever you say it is, for that is what becomes real for you. Once it’s real for you, your words and actions make it tangible in the external world also, impacting others. So choose wisely and with good intention.

Sounds simple enough, right? But it’s taken me a while to really come to this realization. As I’ve mentioned before, I was always searching externally for something to change my mind and my life, to impact me in a transformational way and was frustrated when it didn’t happen. I read a lot of books people had claimed to be ‘life-changing’, heard motivational speakers and so forth, and while I found those things interesting, and resonated with them to some degree, it didn’t go much deeper than that. Continue reading “The Meaning of Work, Life and God”

Introduction, or Am I Really Doing This??

For a brief overview of what this blog is about, check out the About page.

Here’s a little more background about how I came to this point in my development. It started I’d say maybe about two and a half years ago. Well, in reality it started probably 20 or so years ago…. Let me explain.

Since a very young age I’ve always been drawn to spiritual things. I grew up with a Jewish father and Catholic mother, neither of whom were particularly strict in practicing their religions (fortunately…can you imagine the guilt? 😉 ). So thankfully neither was forced upon me. But I was always in search, whether I knew it or not, of some type of spiritual belief or meaning. When I was young I was particularly drawn to eastern philosophies and religions, Buddhism, Taoism etc. I read a lot about them but nothing really changed my mind or my life as I had hoped. As I grew older, I still retained this interest but in a less active way. I was casually spiritual but still disliked using the term ‘god’ or anything that seemed vaguely religious. The problem was largely that I was looking externally for meaning or something transformative. What I didn’t realize, that I do now, is that the meaning I was looking for comes from within and can be whatever I want it to be. More on that in a separate post. Continue reading “Introduction, or Am I Really Doing This??”